Halloween … Again?

Those who know me know I ain’t much on Halloween. I never was much on Halloween, even as a kid. It seemed a bit odd to me that perfectly normal devil-hating church folks would go all out, once a year, to root for the other side.

As I popped in to Kroger the other day my eyes were accosted with the images of bogey-ness. Goblins, the living dead, spider webs, and ghoulishness everywhere.

Did I mention brightly wrapped massive amounts of chocolate?

Then I received the following email from a young girl:

Dear Fr Joseph,

My parents don’t allow me to go to Halloween because they think that I will be killed or vampires might come out. My church doesn’t allow it at all – and my parents say it’s all about Satan. What should I do?

I was tempted to reply …

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

IMAGE: The Huneycutts, 2007: [Mary] Catherine the Great, the Priest of Halloween Past, the Seamstress, Basil, and Peter (Helen) Pan.

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