The Way of Christ is Easy … in Mecca

The first week of October found me in Mecca — Orthodox Mecca, that is:


Pictured, above, the beautiful Holy Cross Church – Williamsport.

Fr Dan Kovalak has labored long in this vineyard, even building (literally) the church building back in the 70s.

About 60 people turned out on a blustery wet Monday night for my presentation, The Way of Christ Is Easy, We Just Make It Hard. Some excerpts from that presentation available here.

Formerly in the Houston area and now serving Holy Trinity Church & the Chapel of the Holy Spirit – Fr Basil Biberdorf, Matushka Claudia, and new addition, George.

On Tuesday, October 4th, I toured St Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary – South Canaan …

And was blessed to speak at a lunch assembly and a class full of senior seminarians.

Tuesday evening’s lecture was at the lovely St Nicholas Church – Bethlehem.

On Wednesday morning I caught up with former North Carolinian, Fr Andrew Damick of St Paul Church – Emmaus. Following Matins, I got my first ride in a Toyota Prius as Fr Andrew taxied me to …

Agia Sophia! (Agia Sophia Coffee & Books, that is — right smack in the midst of the state capital area!)

Icons mixed in with old church photos — not your typical Starbuck-fare!

Yes, here you may have a man in a black dress and a cross serving as your barista! (Especially if you agree to lead his Noon Bible Study down the block in an upper room near the capital building.)

My final speaking stop: Christ the Saviour – Harrisburg.

where a local barista, Fr Stephan Vernak serves as parish priest.

See that guy to your right? That’s Fr Daniel Ressetar. He stood up at the end of my presentation and humbly asked a very serious question. God help me

You can listen to a portion of my poor answer and his follow-up response (and other excerpts from my talks in Pennsylvania) on:

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

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