Syria – September 2011, Part 3

As mentioned earlier (here, one, two), I was part of a delegation that traveled to Syria September 13 – 18th on a fact finding mission, especially regarding the 3 million Christians in that country.

Yes, we met with the President and the Grand Mufti (but more on that later).

Here’s some more touristy stuff …

While walking around Old Damascus, we descended from street level into the small shop of a woodworker.

Can you guess what he was crafting?

Beautiful inlay work …


J‘ya guess it, yet?

The seat is gonna go here; the icon up a little higher. The third image, up above, shows the canopy of the future

Bishop’s Throne.

Next up for our delegation …

Another traditional home, this one converted into a restaurant.

This one, an antique store.

American tourists, especially those only in Syria for a few days, should probably beware the raw veggies.

Then again, the scales await you back home, you might wanna beware a lot of things!

Our delegation took a bit of a rest at another traditional home — this one now serving as the art studio of renowned artist Mustafa Ali.

Fr Dimitri points the way …

… to the Antiochian Patriarchate. Also in the next installment, we visit a well-known Revolutionary who has been called “one of Syria’s leading opposition thinkers.”

Some images courtesy of John Maddex.

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