The Road (Fork, Toilet Paper, Water Tower) Not Taken

A portion of this week’s podcast already in progress:

then there was the high school water tower which, even though it was 1979, still had a big fat 70s style “Class of 76” painted on it. We were the Class of 79 — and, of course, thought we needed to upgrade the water tower.

Problem was, the school had wizened up to such pranks and, some time after 1976, had removed two sections of the water tower’s ladder. There was no ladder at bottom, a short section existed in the middle; and, the uppermost portion, that led to the platform around the water tank, was missing.

Anyway, there was a gang of us who’d clandestinely gathered with paint buckets, brushes, and rope to remedy the outdated water tower art.

You know how Ben Franklin once said: The only way 3 people can keep a secret is if 2 of them are dead – ?

Well, if memory serves me, there were 7 of us.

(You see how this is going to turn out don’t you?)

Two skinny boys made it up the rope and, with the same rope, we sent up the paint, brushes, and such.

Then it was my turn.

I’ve never been good at climbing rope, but I made it to the section of ladder in the middle and then, when I got up to the last rung and again grasped the rope that would lead me to the top, I froze.

It didn’t help that there was a light as bright as the sun shining on my back and a police megaphone piercing the night with a voice that said:

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