TEXAS: Stolen Comment from GetReligion

The following comment from “Bill” was in reference to this story.

1) Texas is a big place, with different geography, different climates and different economies. (TMatt, try the Davis Mountains, sometime.) San Antonio is pretty much in the middle of the state. There’s a sign on I-10 heading west from San Antonio which says, El Paso – 535 miles. Big state.

2) Religion is in the air, the water and the soil. It is assumed. There are crosses everywhere. There are major denominations and conventions and lots of minor ones. One of the fastest growing is the Cowboy Church. Amy P is correct about the Polish, Czech and Irish Catholics. The Catholic Church in our town was built by Polish shingle makers in 1857. There are several nearby communities settled by German Free Thinkers which forbade churches. There are churches there now; the Free Thinkers must have either changed their minds or moved.

3) Politics is not as important as it is in DC, NY or LA. There’s a rancher’s saying that it doesn’t matter who is in power in Washington or Austin as long as it rains. (It hasn’t rained much this year.)

4) Texans can differ on politics and politicians, but don’t mess with Texas.

5) Texans don’t care much about the Ivy League. UT, A&M; and Tech are a different story.

6) There is a big military presence in Texas. You will see bumper stickers that say “Army Mom,” “My Son is a Marine,” etc. You will see Blue Star decals on windows, and occasionally Gold Star flags. You will see Purple Heart and disabled military license plates. Regardless of your position on our military involvement, the kids here did not start the wars; they just bear the burden.

7) There are a lot of highly educated, interesting people in Texas from many walks of life and from all over the country and the world. Don’t assume the guy in the old jeans and boots is a hick.

8) Even if he is a hick, don’t sell him short. Country people are wise, intelligent, practical and gracious. They know how to do a lot of useful things, such as care for animals, deliver calves, raise crops, operate heavy machinery, fix broken machinery, put in a full day of hard labor, raise children, care for the sick and help others. It doesn’t matter whether they’re Mexican or Anglo, or increasingly, a mix. They’re good people. If you find yourself in a small Texas town around a holiday, say Thanksgiving, and you ask around if there will be a restaurant open on Thanksgiving (Dia de Gracia), I can all but guarantee you’ll get several invitations to dinner, all sincere.

9) If you don’t like guns, keep it to yourself. Same thing goes for Willy Nelson.

10) Music is big, and it’s not all in Austin. Austin does have great live music, though.

11) If you get stung by a scorpion, you’ll know it right away. No big deal, put some ammonia on it. Some people say peroxide, some people say vinegar. Some people say take a drink of whiskey. Probably doesn’t matter. Rub spit on it; it’ll stop stinging presently. But remember, of all the cures that don’t work, whiskey is the best.

12) Welcome to Texas. Can I get you a Shiner Bock?

Why not click on over to Get Religion to see what it’s all about: HERE.

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