In the Bathroom – Eight Days A Week

The day my copy arrived, my 9-year old looked through it for about an hour — Enough to make an old DJ Dad proud!

She came up to me and exclaimed: “Dad! It says ‘On this day Elvis and Priscilla Presley had a baby exactly nine months after their wedding day!’ Then, I looked back nine months — and that was the day they got married!'”

(Dontcha know tongues wagged back in the day?)

Ron’s book, and I say this as a huge compliment, is the perfect bathroom book!

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Ron Smith

Members of the Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band play backup w/ “Still Bill” on Chicago’s #1 song on this date in 1972:

Here follows some notes from Amazon where you can order your copies (they make great gifts!):

I consider Ron Smith the Oldies authority. He’s the best I’ve ever worked with and everyone who loves the music would love this book.
— Tommy Edwards, Program Director, WLS Chicago, Arrow 93 Los Angeles, WODS Boston

Ron Smith’s Oldies history book is an absolute must for anybody who has ever been or ever will be interested in rock and roll!
— Clark Weber, Author, WLS Radio personality and “Old Rock Crock”

A fascinating day-by-day recap of all of the notable and memorable rock and roll-related events. Smith’s book is the definitive calendar covering any and all of rock and roll’s biggest events.
— Kent Kotal, Publisher,

Ron Smith is Chicago’s own Oldies maven. When he worked behind the mic he pulled one extraordinary fact after another. Eight Days A Week provides a resource for anyone to sound just like Ron.
–Robert Pruter, author, Chicago Soul

Product Description
Ron Smith takes his readers on a magical mystery tour, day-by-day through the year, offering up the fascinating events that occurred in the lives of Oldies artists from the fifties, sixties and seventies. From the pages of Ron’s renowned Oldies Calendar at, baby boomers can not only check out who was born (and who checked out) each day of the year, but gain insight into the significant (and those somewhat less-than significant) events that occurred throughout Oldies history, such as: * Which San Francisco rock ‘n’ roller was once sued for plagiarizing himself? (October 24) * What girl group appeared as nuns on an episode of “Tarzan” on TV? (January 12) * Which British drummer once drove his Lincoln Continental into the swimming pool of a Holiday Inn? (August 24) * Which pop star escorted Madonna to the 1991 Academy Awards? (March 25) * Which legendary group once held a “press conference” in the middle of Chicago’s Michigan Avenue? (June 11) Professionals and fans alike will find Eight Days A Week an invaluable reference to the music that shaped their lives.

Find out more; order HERE.

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