Sad News: Camp St Raphael

“Oh, come on! What Sad News?”

“I hope it’s not about hats.”

“Hel-llllo-o-o-o-o-oo! Anyone still here? Come on in … Sad News!

Hearing the News; abandoned canoes.

Stragglers dally by the water slide (click to enlarge).

Punching bag for anger management, following the News.

Prayers offered, in hopes the Good News proves Sad News a fable.

A sad man faces Dodge Ball desertion … following the News.

“I heard there was sad news … ?”

“You kiddin’ me? What Sad News?”

“Hey guys! Someone’s yelling for us!”

“Everyone out of the lake! Head back to Camp for Sad News!”

(“This whole Sad News bit is totally creeping me out!”)

“What?! Hang on babe, my signal’s weak! Did you say SAD?

Sad?! I thought we were working on Happy!”

What, you ask, is the Sad News?

“Goodbye, Camp St Raphael!”

Until …
next year.


An audio snapshot of CSR Session One:

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

The VIDEO from CSR # 1:

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