Flag Day Not Your Cup of Tea?


But it is a sobering thought that young men continue to spill blood and sacrifice limb and life for all who stand in the shade of that flag.

On this June 14th, I’d like to introduce you to the author of Warriors Remembered, retired Army Colonel Albert Nahas:

Albert is a longtime member of St George Orthodox Church, Houston. There’s more about Al, here.

For more info on his book, Warriors Remembered, go HERE.

A note from the author:

Response to Warriors Remembered has been overwhelming. All advanced copies were sold before its Veterans Day release date. The first printing shipment arrived on December 10th and over 200 orders were filled in time for Christmas. As word of Warriors Remembered has spread, 2011 orders have continued at a rapid pace.

If you have already purchased Warriors Remembered, thank you and please consider forwarding this email to your friends and fellow veterans. Your response has almost universally been: “this is long over due”; “had no idea these memorials existed and everyone is different”; “thank you for devoting so many years to pulling this together”; “a moving journey for any veteran”.

Warriors Remembered is a 240-page, hard cover, 11.5″ x 11.5″ photo documentary of Vietnam Veterans Memorials from all 50 states. It highlights 100 memorials with over 285 photos and captures the struggles and dedication of those who created them. It is organized by geographic region to encourage visits to these very compelling and beautiful memorials nearby.

WARNING: There are many emotional stories in this book. Reader response has confirmed the book is not for those who choose to forget the war and those who sacrificed in it.

Warriors Remembered is available at www.warriorsremembered.com by check or credit card. There you can preview the book’s Introduction and two of the stories and see a discussion of one of the book’s many unique memorials. I will gladly sign all purchases. Please tell me if you are a veteran so I can properly sign your book.

If you visit our Facebook page and click the “Like” button the book will get more notice. Please spread the word to your friends.

Thank you and Welcome Home.

Al Nahas
Warriors Remembered

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