Flash Mob Mañana @ a Food Bar Near You

Spending the night in a cabin on the side of Lookout Mountain; having gotten up at 1:30 AM, and, having hit the road by 2 … all’s well.

Those of you who’ve traveled with family know how punchy peeps get on little sleep and super-sized anticipation. For instance:

We stopped for lunch at a Ryan’s food bar and, at meal’s end, having sized-up the local clientele in the Tuscaloosa establishment — and having fantasized that they would enjoy such an event — I looked at my wife and 3 children and said:

“Alright, here’s the deal: I’m gonna go over and stand by the entrance, Mary Catherine, you stay here; the rest of you spread out and, like those YouTube videos, I’ll start the Hallelujah Chorus and …

Y’all join in.”

They didn’t buy it.

Instead, we decided that we would, next outing, just walk over to a table and start clapping and singing “Happy Birthday to You”.

(We later agreed: Not without disguises and only after having learned it in Spanish.)

Anyway, we’re not there yet, so … as you were.

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