Blessed to See God

Blessed is he who has illumined the eyes of his heart, and always sees the Lord in himself as in a mirror. Such a man will be relieved of passions and evil thoughts.

Blessed is he who loves good and beautiful speech but hates words that are shameful and corrupting, for he will not be taken captive by the evil one.

Blessed is he who instructs his neighbor in the fear of God and does not seduce his soul, for he is ever wary of the great Pastor’s iron staff.

Blessed is he who is obedient to his neighbor in accordance with God’s will and is not subject to condemnation as a corrupt sensualist on account of his belly, for such a man will be magnified in the Lord.

lessed is he who does not intoxicate himself with wine, but is ever glad in remembrance of the Lord, in Whom all the saints rejoice unceasingly.

Blessed is he who manages his possessions in accordance with God’s will, and does not lay himself open to condemnation from the Savior as a miser lacking compassion for his neighbor.

lessed is he who is vigilant in prayer, reading and good works; he will be enlightened and will not fall asleep unto death.

lessed is he who has become a marvelous spiritual net and caught many for the good Master; greatly will he be praised in the Lord.

lessed is he who has become a marvelous example for his neighbor and has not injured the conscience of his fellow servants with indecent acts; he will be blessed in the Lord.

From A Spiritual Psalter – or Reflections on God, by St Ephraim the Syrian, St Theophan the Recluse (editor).

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