Prayer before partaking of Prosphora and Holy Water

It is a pious custom to keep some holy bread and holy water in one’s icon corner — to consume, breaking the night’s fast, with one’s morning prayers.

O Lord my God, may Thy holy gift and Thy Holy Water be unto forgiveness of my sins, unto enlightenment of my mind, unto strengthening of my spiritual and bodily powers, unto health of my soul and body, unto vanquishing of my passions and weaknesses, by Thy boundless merciful kindness, through the prayers of Thy Most-pure Mother and all Thy Saints. Amen.

Taken from the Parish Newsletter of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St John the Baptist (May 2011).

You can read about St Ahmed (feast – May 3) and his connection to holy bread here; or listen to a podcast containing info about St Ahmed here.

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