Can Christians Agree on Health Care?

As noted in the Endnotes of the book, We Came, We Saw, We Converted – The Lighter Side of Orthodoxy in America (concerning the chapter “Shut Up, Go Home, Pray More”):

The Not of This World Conference sponsored by Rose Hill College and TOUCHSTONE magazine — Aiken, South Carolina, May 1995 — was, hands down, the best theological gathering I have ever attended.

At that conference, Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox Christians gathered for what was billed as an “Ecumenical Conference of Traditional Christians”. You can read about that event here.

These days, with all the issues surrounding HEALTH CARE, do “traditional Christians” agree on:

Stem Cell Therapy?



Organ Donation?

Infertility Treatments?



Life Support?

Pain Management?

What determines the scope of “health care rationing”?

These and a host of other issues fall under the scope of BIOETHICS.

Given the current challenge — and the challenge of the future — all of us should be concerned and involved.

What are the issues? What is at stake? What (or WHO) determines our stance?

Health Care in a Secular Culture:
The Conscience of Physicians & Nurses at Risk

Join us in Houston during Bright Week — just after Easter — Friday, April 29h and Saturday, April 30th:

ORTHODOX: Dr H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr

PROTESTANT: Dr C. Ben Mitchell

ROMAN CATHOLIC: Dr Grattan T. Brown

Also, invited to Friday evening’s banquet:

ROMAN CATHOLIC: Daniel Cardinal DiNardo

PROTESTANT: Dr. Robert B. Sloan, Jr.

ORTHODOX: Bishop Thomas


Register NOW!

General registration is $50, Clergy registration is $30, Student registration is $30. Registration includes admission to a day-and-a-half conference of panels, breakouts, and discussions, including three plenary addresses.

Friday Banquet Dinner – $18; Saturday Boxed Lunch – $8

Co-sponsored by Houston Baptist University, Pope John Paul II Forum, University of St. Thomas, Orthodox Clergy Association of Southeast Texas, and Touchstone Magazine.

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