A Lenten Book, Good for Confession —

Since I have a “bad habit” of giving copies of this book to those struggling to make Confession, and since it’s “that time of year” …
From a few years back:

Fr. Joseph:

I wanted to both congratulate you and personally thank you for the book you wrote. There are countless truths in love … thank God, throughout the book. However, the message, over and over, to come to one’s senses, confess, receive forgiveness, and struggle to repent is overwhelming. But, even more so … there is but one choice: Obedience. True blessing lies not in passions but in learning to surrender even our God-Given desires over to Him. Finally, that Struggle is good … keeps me from feeling like a failure all the time and gives me Hope to carry on in the struggle.

Thanks again for … writing such a life-saving and life-giving book; for as you said also: evil is nothing, God always creates, His nature and love cannot be denied …
Thank God!

— Sent via email from a layman.


Bishop BASIL & Fr Chad Hatfield

Constantine Shepherd, Youth Director

John Maddex of Ancient Faith

Fr Michael Dahulich, Dean of St Tikhon’s Seminary

Ashley Kevorkian

Archimandrite Zacharias

Fr Josiah Trenham

You can order through the publisher at Regina Orthodox Press — or, of course, at AMAZON.

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