HOUSTON: Triumph of Orthodoxy 2011

Here are some shots from last night’s service …

This year’s annual Pan-Orthodox Vespers for the Sunday of the Triumph of Orthodoxy was served in the new temple dedicated to St Basil the Great.

These icons, newly installed, were seen — pre-installhere.

Fr Anthony Baba (St Anthony) & Fr John Salem (St George) chant.

The clergy gathers for entrance into the altar …

Dr Bill Attra directs the Pan-Orthodox St Romanos Chorale …

The Procession …

Me, watching my step …

The Procession’s first stop along the north wall of the temple …

Having completed the litanies at the four corners of the temple, the clergy gather on the solea.

Views from the balcony.

Our guest, Protopresbyter Thomas Hopko preached boldly — even triumphantly — about humility, sacrifice, and witness.

Oh … remember that crazed looking kid at the bottom of this post? I told you I’d make sure he was properly installed in church, presenting a different image. (Then again, it’s still Basil in Greece, so to speak … just a different shade of blue. 🙂

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