Clergy Can Be Funny, But Teachable?

While working on a presentation for Illumination Learning titled Funny Moments Can be Teachable Things, I was also participating in the annual clergy retreat for the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America in Wichita, Kansas.

So, I recruited my brother clergy to help me with my “homework” — as in this episode of the Orthodixie Podcast, which includes:

Fr Aidan Wilcoxson: sleepin’, prayin’, drinkin’ poison, and manhandlin’ serpents.

Fr John Bethancourt‘s young parishioner breeches the Church – State wall.

Hierodeacon Mark marches to a different drummer (or, at least, sings a different tune).

Fr Antony Bahou prefers Big Bread.

Fr Justin McFeeters phones in a baptism.

Fr Richard Petranek relates how not to comfort the sick.

Fr Constantine Nasr bangs his head over a girl.

Fr John Salem doesn’t look the part.

And …

Fr Symeon Kees is just itchin’ for some kudzo.

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

Images courtesy of
Fr Mark Wallace.

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