The New Fruit of the Nativity

“Her womb did appear as a spiritual paradise wherein is planted the divine plant whereof eating we shall live and not die as Adam.”

This hymn honors the Feast, our struggle, our Mother, and our God. Fashioned from the side of the man, Adam, the mother of all the living, Eve, bore the fruit of death to all mankind. Fashioned within the womb of the woman — the New Eve — Mary bears the Fruit of Life to the same.

Brothers and Sisters, Paradise has been opened for all — the gates of Hell eventually being trampled down by the fruit of her womb, the Son of God. Christ is born, raising the image that fell of old. This Fruit, this Day, the Son of Mary, God in human flesh, is laid in a feeding trough … to be food for all.

Christ is Born!
Glorify Him!

This icon, along with a host of wonderful images of the Nativity … found HERE.

Wishing you all a holy Christmas, good health & many years!

— Fr Joseph

A re-post from 2006.

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