CONTEST: Last Call!

Send me your funniest Christmas Story!

Top prize: $4.0,00 dollars *
*According to my Nigerian pen pal!

Seriously, you could win:


Entries must be received by Noon, Wednesday – December 22nd. Those wishing to remain anonymous should so indicate.

Send your funniest Christmas Story to:

orthodixie at aol dot com

“Winners” will be sent a free download code for the audio book, We Came, We Saw, We Converted – The Lighter Side of Orthodoxy in America via return email on December 23rd; the podcast will debut on December 24th.

If you enjoy Ancient Faith Radio, say thanks!

Those who do not enjoy AFR, are still welcomed to donate; offer of $4.0,00 not available in all states; if you are over 50 please check with your doctor to see if he would like a copy; certain restrictions may apply; avoid where prohibited. (I just had to say that, none of it is true …except the contest and the audio book giveaway.)

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