CONTEST: Reconvening the Ecumenical Campfire

The 2010 contest deadline has been extended. Send your ideas in now, regarding THIS, before it’s too late. Meanwhile, here’s last year’s “listener supported” Orthodixie Thanksgiving Podcast.


Most stories about the history of Thanksgiving concern the harvest celebration of the pilgrims and the Indians that took place way back in the autumn of 1621.

The one I’m revisiting concerns the Thanksgiving of 2012.

It involves a Russian deacon, an Antiochian priest, a Greek layman, an Episcopalian laywoman, a Roman Catholic priest, and a Baptist.

It all took place in the rolling hills of Southern Oklahoma just before Thanksgiving in the year 2012. The Catholic priest, Fr O’Malley, was traveling alone on his way north, to Norman, to see his mother for the holiday.

The Episcopalian woman was dating a nice looking Baptist fellow and was traveling to Stillwater to introduce him to the family. They were hoping to get married just before she entered seminary in 2013 to study toward the priesthood.

The Russian deacon had befriended the Antiochian priest and the Greek layman on Facebook, and they were traveling to a clandestine meeting of “traditional-minded Orthodox Christians” in Oklahoma City.

You never know who you might meet on the highway, especially in an early ice storm the day before Thanksgiving. That’s right, believe it or not, Interstate 35 was covered with ice. The highway patrol had put out a bulletin advising folks not to travel unless absolutely necessary. But, as you might imagine, the Episcopalian gal and her Baptist beau were on a mission – as were the Greek, Antiochian, and Russian churchmen!

Fr O’Malley? He’d not seen his mother in two years and her health was failing.

Needless to say, these people were heedless. They all, in one way or another, believed they were on a Mission from God.

Well, friends, at first glance it might seem that God had other plans. The roads were slick, the travel hazardous and

then there was the “Good Sam” who didn’t believe in God.

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

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