Basil, the OCA, and the Dinosaur

Full disclosure: The main reason my son and I were in Chicago last weekend was for me to speak at Christ the Savior Orthodox Church.

While there, we were the guests of Fr John Baker and stayed in “the Residence” — a building beside the church where Fr John and his family live; where the late Archbishop JOB resided; and which also serves as the Parish Hall.

I ended my previous post by saying, “Next: A boy named Sue”. Upon reading the post my son asked: “What’s that about?” (Seems not only Johnny Cash worried over the scenario.) I said, “It’s about the dinosaur — since they don’t know if it was male or female.”
The source of Sue’s name.

A boy not named …


My son: former space alien, future geologist.

Christ the Savior is a beautiful …

beautiful church, situated across from Moody Bible Institute.

A friend called while I was there and asked about the church, I said: “It looks like the Anglicans and the Orthodox had a war and the Orthodox won!”

Fr John encourages the faithful, following my presentation. (Books anyone?)

Of course, the reason Young Man was invited to Chicago by Dad was for these …

and these; he loves Legos, model building, and tall buildings.

‘m just glad to be able to sneak in a little more religion while I still have the chance.

The fact that he still loves to serve the altar, even while traveling …


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