Truly Odd and Truly [Pac] Man

WARNING: The gist of this podcast concerns the startling quote of famous scientist Stephen Hawking that, concerning the creation of the universe, God is not necessary. Please note, I do not mean to demean all science … just the fictional kind which passes itself off as, uh, too smart for its own good.

Listen, if you’re a scientist and you believe in God, God bless you – this episode ain’t about you. Whatever you do, please don’t email me about how I am related to pigs or monkeys – that’s about as feasible as someone yapping about the glories of sweet red barbecue sauce; I just don’t believe it.

Recently, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking caused quite a stir with comments that God may not have had anything to do with creating the universe.

In his latest book, Hawking wrote: “Because there is a law such as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself from nothing,” … “It is not necessary to invoke God to… set the Universe going.”

In Hawking’s 1988 mega best seller, A Brief History of Time, a book my son and I enjoyed very much as we explored it together, Hawking appeared to accept the possibility of a “creator.”

What happened to change his mind?

Can you imagine Adam not believing in God?

How ‘bout Moses?
Think he was really an atheist?

How ‘bout those fishermen called by the Palestinian carpenter …
Reckon they had doubts (following the Resurrection)?

Maybe St John of Shanghai and San Francisco, with gifts of clairvoyance and bi-location — what?
Think maybe he doubted God was necessary?

But, I digress.

Before we set our sights too closely on the genius, though doubting, Dr Hawking …

Let’s head for one of Hawking’s favorite topics: the predicted-as-possible outer space Worm Hole, wherein upon entering (just pretend it’s possible!) we can travel back in time, specifically to the year 1981 …

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

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