Priesthood (You Don’t Wanna Do That)

On the last episode of the Orthodixie Podcast, I interviewed two Deacons of the Church – both hailing from the Old Country (i.e., Tennessee and West Virginia).

This week, a Yankee.

Actually, some would say he hails from the Holy Land.

(You know, Pittsburgh.)

On this week’s episode of the Orthodixie Podcast, I interview Fr John Salem on the high calling of Priesthood.

Fr John is a very funny guy. Thus, I was surprised by his very serious reflections on the work and call of a priest. Here follows the questions; you’ll have to listen in for his answers:

So … you weren’t happy in life, being whatever you were before you felt called to the priesthood; I mean, how’s that work?

What can you say about the office of the Priesthood? What do you find to be the greatest struggle? The greatest joy?

What does a priest do?

[Follow up question] What does a priest do on that “half day” he does work?

I’m an adult convert to Orthodoxy; I grew up in church, but not the Orthodox Church. You, Fr John, grew up in the Orthodox Church. I’m sure there were priests along the way that you noticed –something about the way they carried themselves; they treated people; they served the Liturgy — that had an influence on you?

Looking through the eyes of, say, your own children — if they see a priest celebrating the Liturgy — what questions might come to mind?

Anytime someone says to me that they feel called to be a priest, one of the first things I ask them is: “Do you like going to church?” I mean, if someone doesn’t like going to church, I’d say they’re probably not being called to Priesthood. So, you like going to church?

Someone comes to you and says, “I feel called to be a priest” – or – “I think I want to be a priest” – or – “I want to go to seminary and study for the Priesthood” …

Do you have any standard counsel?

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

Thanks to Carole Buleza, Director of the Antiochian Archdiocese Christian Ed Department for suggesting the interview, and Vasiliki Oldziey for her suggestions.

IMAGE: Fr John on the mic, me to his left, George Kaleh on guitar — Source.

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