Speedy Sacraments for Liturgical Losers

While at Camp St Raphael in July, I was pleasantly surprised when one of the teens asked: “Whatever happened to Fr Danislav Gregorio?”

I said, “What do you mean – What happened to him?”

“After you spoke with him about his book An Empty Church is a Peaceful Church, you knocked him out,” he said. “So, whatever happened to him?”

You know, the young camper had a point.

So, having not seen him since that interview back in November of 2007, I set out to find Fr Danislav Gregorio …

Searching the Internet for Fr Danislav proved futile … the only thing that kept popping up was his interview on the Orthodixie Podcast. St Swithuns by the Swamp parish website in Appleton, Indiana, listed only his name, no hyperlink, email address, or phone number. As he had originally contacted us, hoping to promote his book An Empty Church is a Peaceful Church – to our embarrassment we discovered that we hadn’t even bothered to write down a call-back number!

About eleven pages into a Google search, I finally found a single comment logged by a Fr Danislav on an Orthodox forum list whereon, in response to someone complaining that Orthodox Church services are too long, Fr Danislav wrote: “Buy my new book, Speedy Sacraments for Liturgical Losers. It will answer all of your questions – and quickly.”

I responded to that statement on the forum list, inviting Fr Danislav to stop by the Orthodixie Studio for another interview, and I am very pleased to report that he is with us today promoting his brand new book, Speedy Sacraments for Liturgical Losers

FrJ: Welcome back, Fr Danislav!

FrDan: Thank you, Fr Joseph. I hope this interview will turn out better than the last one.

FrJ: Ah, yes, if I recall … last time you had, as we’d call in the South, a bit of a sinking spell.

FrDan: Actually, Fr Joseph, as it said on the police report, I believe you assaulted me with a weapon.

FrJ: Uh, er, hmmm. Okay. You’re right. I’m sorry.

FrDan: You said it.

FrJ: I said what?

FrDan: You are sorry.

FrJ: No, what I meant was …

FrDan: You see, Fr Joseph, that’s the problem with words: they can mean different things. Take, for instance, the oft misunderstood word gay

FrJ: Uh, let’s not. I mean …

FrDan: You mean what, Fr Joseph? Is gay not a good word in your vocabulary?

FrJ: You’re referring to, say, the Fred Flintstone cartoon song where they sing: “We’ll have a Gay Ol’ Time!” — right?

FrDan: No …

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

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