Orthodox Priest to Presbyterians (!)

If you’ve not already, you’ll want to click here and watch this “ecumenical guest” drop some bombs speak to a Presbyterian Church Assembly. (You’ll just have to stomach the introductions, or slide ahead to the 1:30 mark.) I agree with the comment from Bob, below:

“It’s worth noticing that the most usual Orthodox presence encouraged at such events is the more “colorful” Orthodox; the ones who have an interesting accent, hair, beards and such. Inviting the Orthodox from around the corner is likely to get you a *former* Presbyterian, Episcopalian or what have you. No accent, possibly the same hair. Not as interesting or exotic as the above (very good) priest. He was certainly expected to provide decoration and gratitude but surprised people by talking about God. That was an unplanned aberration.”

UPDATE: Further visits of Father Siarhei.

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