Camp St Raphael 2010 – A Musical Snapshot

Okay, so …

We’re having an Ask Abouna session last week at Camp St Raphael and little did I know that I was in the presence of …

… the lead singer of a band called Banana Damage.
(Check him out here.)

These wonderful teens sang a parody of Taylor Swift’s “Tim McGraw” to the all-round good guy, Tim Farha.
(Listen here.)

That gal in the middle, Jessica, [Oops! It was actually Jessica’s sis, Megan! Apologies to Megan — or Jessica, as the case may be] and her partner …

… oh heck, that’s not her partner!

There, the one looking all Eighties with the shades — Erin?

Well …

they sang a song from:


The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

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