DIASPORADO – The Episcopal Assembly

Hat tip to tmatt, apologies to the Eagles — and hoping for fruit from the Episcopal Assembly


Diasporado, it’s time you come to your senses
You been out buildin’ fences for so long now
This land’s an odd one
God knows you’ve had your seasons
But things that once rent you
Aren’t dividing you now

Don’t you build the house on diamonds, boy
She’ll fail you, she ain’t stable
You know the Queen of Hearts is always your best bet

Now it seems to me the finest Thing
Has been laid upon your Table
And the time is nigh to go draw in that net

Diasporado, no, you won’t be a loner
Though thirsting and hunger are right here at home
Freedom, Godly freedom — includes Paternal talkin
Your reason for being in the New World has dawned

Don’t let your feet get cold at decision time
Things move slow holding fast old lines
Perhaps the right time is to-day
To keep buildin’ on your highs and lows
Please don’t let this moment … slip … away

Diasporado, thank God you’ve come to your senses!
Stopped building your fences … opened the gate
T’ward Godly reignin’ – some see a rainbow above you
You better …


… before it’s too late

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