They will know we are Christians by our … Blogs?

Not being a big fan of television, years ago I fantasized about a TV show that would portray the real typical American Family — I guess it would have been what these days is known as a “Reality Show”.

The plot was simple and repetitive; you’ve probably thought of it, too: It would show a family of four sitting in front of a TV.


That’s all there was to it. Alas, the show would be boring — too long, lasting for hours — and, of course, no network would broadcast it. I mean, in reality, what medium criticizes its own medium?

Such is the dilemma facing me coming to you via the Internet and criticizing the medium known as the Internet.

As with television, it’s not so much the medium as it is the message and, given our base fallen human nature, any medium, especially one that’s visual, has a tendency to deteriorate into Endless Pics of Naughty Bits.

Here’s me in my underwear –

Your blog is great – check out BUYTHISNOWDOTCOM –

Here’s my Birthday Suit –

You stink –


I lost 10 lbs 5 minutes ago, click here now –

I love Jesus, but I hate You –

IseeLondon, IseeFrance –

Then there’s MyFace – you know, those evil step sisters, Face Book and My Space. These sites are basically a continuation of Your High School Year Book combined with the scribbling on the stall-walls at a greasy gas station …

Then there’s blogging …

Oh, don’t worry – I’m not going to criticize YOUR BLOG! (Mine’s been bad enough from time to time.)

Rather, at risk of “shoulding” on you, I want to mention …

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

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