American [Orthodox Bishops] Top 40

As many of you know, an historic gathering took place this past week in New York City: All of the Canonical Orthodox Bishops (at least a goodly number of them) met to discuss matters which pertain to the Church in the Americas. Here at the Orthodixie Podcast we had a Man on the Street recording interviews from the proceedings. But, as this podcast is only updated about once a week, some of the information you are about to hear may seem contrary to other reports, or it may be a bit dated, or, frankly, it may be flat out untrue.

Be that as it may, here is our previously recorded LIVE report from DAY ONE of the Episcopal Assembly by our Man on the Street, David Lee:

FrJ: David, what can you tell us?

DL: Six words come readily to mind, Father …

The Orthodixie PodcastAncient Faith Radio.

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