SYRIA: Beit Ania & Kharaba

This is the fourth in a 15-part series of pics from Syria.


Welcome to Beit Ania — a working farm, place of rest and retreat, and …

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God willing, the future Monastery of Saints Martha & Mary.

Looking down the line of the fence, you can see the small chapel dedicated to St Lazarus.
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A portion of the grounds at Beit Ania; fig trees, grape vines, etc.
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Let’s enter the Chapel of St Lazarus …

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Fr Timon really loves this place. I love this place! (You will, too, when you visit.)

This is the old St George Church in Kharaba. St George Church, Houston, Texas is 82 years old (but just over 40 on its current property). The church pictured above is a mere 1,300 years old.

The interior of the old St George Church. A mission team from the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America will be working to help clean up this space next month.
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This is the new St George Church, where Fr Timon is the pastor.
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Gorgeous! (Fr Timon is rushing to the front to move the ironing board where, earlier in the week, he’d been removing some of that wonderful Pascha wax from some linens.)
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And this is the new hall being built at St George, Kharaba.
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More to come …

Podcast – “The Blindside” (in Syria); Article – Antiochian website

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