Come … Work Diligently (Holy Tuesday)

Just like on Great & Holy Friday when, during the Lamentations of the Theotokos, we sing the verse “Every generation …” — each year, during Matins on Great & Holy Monday evening, when we sing the hymn (below) I am reminded of God’s great and bounteous goodness …

Come, ye believers, let us work diligently for the Master; for he distributes wealth unto his servants. Let each of us according to his ability, increase the gift of grace twofold. Let one be adorned with wisdom according to good deeds, another accomplish a service with splendor; let one preach to the unenlightened in word and faith, another distribute treasure unto the poor; for thus shall we increase the loan twofold, as faithful agents of the grace, and be worthy of the joy of the Master. Wherefore, O Christ our God, prepare us for this, since thou alone art the Lover of mankind.

— Taken from the Aposticha of Orthros, Holy Tuesday

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