Onion Dome to Cease? “Is Outrage!”

Onion Dome Will Discontinue Publishing Effective Immediately

From the site …

After a giving it a lot of thought, we at the Onion Dome have reached the painful decision to quit publishing the OD. We’ve had a run of just over 7 years, a number of wonderful and funny writers, and one cranky priest who coined a phrase and inexplicably won hearts across Orthodoxendom.

OD Terce Reporter Brigid Strait is working on a fan site, and we’ll announce details when she’s ready on the feedback blog. The feedback blog, now that it no longer needs to be a feedback blog, is going to become a simple Onion Dome blog. If I or one of the writers needs to publish something, or just say something, we’ll just say it there. The blog URL is http://theoniondome.blogspot.com.

I’ll keep the CafePress site up indefinitely, and add a link to same on the blog. Buy something!

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