Backing Up to the Cross

I‘m a little late in getting this posted but, for the record and your edification, here are a couple pics of Bishop THOMAS at St George on the Sunday of the Cross — with a link to his sermon, below.

His Grace likes to preach from the Solea. Trouble is, there’s no microphone there — which wasn’t a problem for those in attendance, but the recording reflects a certain chamber echo. [Click here for the Sayidna’s sermon on the Sunday of the Cross at St George, Houston.]

This was not an hiearchical service; the bishop served the Liturgy “as a priest”.

I like this pic because everyone seems to be doing something different.

Now everyone’s in place.

The weekend prior to the Sunday of the Cross, February 26-28th, Houston played host to a Youth Retreat (Winter Camp, or WAMP) for the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America. The scheduled speaker, who was to fly down from up north, was unable to make it due to a snow storm. Bishop THOMAS, no stranger to youth work, just happened to be in the area and, with the blessing of Bishop BASIL, graciously agreed to serve as retreat speaker. The teens gifted him with this “retreat skufia“.

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