Fr Zacharias in Wichita (Pt 5)

Links from 2007 retreat found here; most recent retreat — Parts One, Two, Three, Four. Let me say, once again, these are my notes, filtered through my slowly moving hand and weak mind.

Continuing from the previous posting (concluding Stage Two) …

As Man’s divine experiences proceed, he experiences his own kenosis.

This elevated spiritual stage is reflected in his prayer for the whole world — which he would not have been able to bear before he was filled with Christ.

Stage Three

Stability: Man’s total receptivity of God’s Divine Will.

Not even death can separate (for man has tasted death in the Second Stage).

The presence of the Grace of the Holy Spirit is so prominent that he is void of all passion and filled with the universality of His Love. Man is, thus, liberated from every inner battle with the Passions.

In this stage, Man attains personhood = a divine human being.

t Silouan: “Man is only able to enjoy such a state for the briefest period.”

More later …

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