WE CAME, WE SAW … the Good & the Bad?

Fr. bless,

Well, I finally finished the book. Thank you for this gift. Now for my end of the bargain…

I was most disappointed with it. I have listened to most all of your podcasts on AFR. I can’t even in my head reproduce the sound of your voice in these stories. I certainly can’t sing any of the songs. Here I was sitting and reading the stories I have played over on AFR knowing how they read and trying to input your inflections into my head and your drawl into the words, not to mention the nuances of speech I hear on the podcasts.

The stories were just not the same. Yes, I love the humor and the message behind them, that will never be out of style, but there was just something missing the entire time I was reading; YOU. Your voice I listen to was clouded over by my need to “hear” you in my head as I was reading.

I loved the book Fr. Joseph. I love your podcasts. I can’t wait until your next one comes out. They all hit me square between the eyes. This is what I call the mark of a good book.


Thanks, XXX … I’m confused, though … did you like the book or not? (It’s a rhetorical question, I think.)

Yes Fr. I loved the book. I was lamenting your voice was not in my head. MY “head voice” was just not living up to your podcasts. 😉 thanks again.

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