We Came, We Saw … a Pumpkin

I‘m in bed, writing in my nightly journal (first house blessing – 8am, final one – 7pm), and I suddenly exclaim: “Oops! I pledged 30 posts in 30 days; I forgot to update the blog.”

My wife says, “Well, you better get out there and do it … tell them I said ‘you’ve got to go to bed!'”


I’m not sure that kind of chatty-diary-stuff counts as blogging. I mean, who cares? So, FWIW — and before the midnight pumpkin — here’s a couple e-notes, gratefully received, concerning the new book We Came, We Saw, We Converted:

“Just wanted to let you know that I don’t appreciate getting your book this week. I just finished XXX, which was 1,000 pages, and required me to basically ignore everything household related for a couple weeks, so I could finish it. I vowed to not start any more books until February, but what can I do? I already succumbed. No, have not finished it, but it is funny. — NN

* * *

“The new book is fabulous! Thank you Fr. for writing this most entertaining, spiritual book. I absolutely love it.” — NN


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