Out & About — with caps adult proof

Realizing I pledged 30 blog updates in 30 days, here’s some stories that caught my eye and some other things, timely, that you may have missed.

[Slipping this in under the podcast teaser — thus the date is incorrect.]

I think of this guy — James W. Lewis — every time I try to open one of those pesky omnipresent safety caps!

Seeing as how we may all be “Undressing [because of] the Terror Threat” soon, this editorial by Paul Campos in the Wall Street Journal helps make the hard to comprehend a wee bit simpler; here’s an exerpt:

“I’m not much of a basketball player. Middle-age, with a shaky set shot and a bad knee, I can’t hold my own in a YMCA pickup game, let alone against more organized competition. But I could definitely beat LeBron James in a game of one-on-one. The game just needs to feature two special rules: It lasts until I score, and when I score, I win.

We might have to play for a few days, and Mr. James’s point total could well be creeping toward five figures before the contest ended, but eventually the gritty gutty competitor with a lunch-bucket work ethic (me) would subject the world’s greatest basketball player to a humiliating defeat.

The world’s greatest nation seems bent on subjecting itself to a similarly humiliating defeat, by playing a game that could be called Terrorball. The first two rules of Terrorball are:

(1) The game lasts as long as there are terrorists who want to harm Americans; and

(2) If terrorists should manage to kill or injure or seriously frighten any of us, they win.

These rules help explain the otherwise inexplicable wave of hysteria that has swept over our government in the wake of the failed attempt by a rather pathetic aspiring terrorist to blow up a plane on Christmas Day …”

More – here

And, before someone points out that I always seem to notify others when there’s something like THIS going on in the Roman Catholic communion … well, gotta be fair — here it is.

Image Source — Where it is noted: “Why is it that any child can open the childproof protective caps on the prescription bottles but it takes me twenty minutes, a pair of scissors and a box cutter to break open a new CD?”

You heard it was Christmas in Russia just the other day (January 7th)? Here’s why.

Finally, in honor of Elvis’s 75th birthday (January 8th), you do know Elvis is a Saint, right?

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