A Prayer during tribulations

O God, I beseech Thee, grant unto me Thy divine saving grace, and endow me with patience and strength to endure my tribulations with complete submission to Thy will. Thou knowest my misery and suffering, and unto Thee – my only hope and refuge – I flee for relief and comfort. Trusting in Thine infinite love and compassion, I know that in due time, when Thou knowest best – Thou will deliver me from this trouble, and turn my distress into comfort. I shall rejoice in Thy mercy and exalt and praise Thy Holy Name of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, forever.

Unknown Author – FWD from Fr Demetrios Carellas, with regard to a note, excerpted here:

Robert’s wife, Judy, has been sent home to die … Judy’s cancer is so bad now, it has spread … just about every other place except her brain, thank God! She still able to talk and has met with Father Alex to talk about her funeral and her death, how she did this is beyond me … Her doctor told her last week that she only had two weeks at the most to live and she ended up telling him how sorry she was that he had to give his patients news like this and how hard it must be for him, then she told him she tried as hard as she could to beat the cancer but she accepts the fact that she didn’t and just didn’t want him to feel bad …

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