Guadalupe River 2009

Four years ago, the Huneycutts — freshly situated in the Republic of Texas — ventured to Guadalupe River State Park for our first, post North Carolina, camping trip. Last week, November 25-28, 2009 we were back in the same park (all of us, a whole lot of me … older).

Forgive the personal pics, but hoping you all had a happy Thanksgiving — enjoy!

See that? Sweet, innocent … WAIT! Compare the pic above, from four years ago, to the one at the top of this post. What happened?!

Aha! There’s the difference! Hammock Man, we’ll call him Ham for short, got behind the camera.

He took, or directed, many of these pics.


“Mom! Mom! Can I borrow the camera and take it down to the river? There’s lots of fog — and it looks really creepy!”

“Mom! I swear! I was just trying to take a picture of a fish, when … !”

Knots on a log (or as one of the middle one’s teachers would say: “Don’t just sit there like bumps on a pickle!”)

1) I wonder what I’ll be when I grow up …
2) You better not post this on the Internet …
(Having celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary on the trip, thanks God, she hasn’t killed me yet!)

Back then the caption read: “Seven reads to three. Life don’t get no better.”

Four years later, he’s 11 and she’s 7, the caption reads: “Please! Follow the directions! Just take four giant steps backwards …”

… or be eaten by this tree.

“Arrgh! This pic better not wind up on the Internet!” (Oh, wait.) Ham hits the magic elixir: instant hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows; Scruffy hits the water. And, yes, for the purists out there, this is the official priest’s ‘I’m camping with the family’ outfit.

Teen contemplates the water …

Mr Ham directs Miss Ham …

(I have no idea … I just liked the pic.)

From us to y’all …

Happy Thanksgiving!

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