All [Future] Saints [in Disquise] Party


Hello everybody!

The Lord and Saints … (it’s the annual “All Saints Party” at St George).

And this, so I hear, is a 70s Guitar Man …

Of course, pie eating contest …

St George attacks a dragon …

This pie … attacks this guy.

“What? You think that’s funny?”

“I thought it was pretty funny … then I had to make a pit stop.”

Texas is pretty this time of year.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the pie-eating winner!

The first man on Mars … followed by the owner of the spaceship.

Earlier, herself in make-up …

This guy’s make-up needed a cover-up …

Ah yes … one of the joys of adulthood: sitting.

… and eating.

And smiling because this is “Your House” tonight! (Vivian’s in charge of All Saints.)

“But, I’m in charge on all other days …”

Where are the parents, here? These men are making their own cookies & cakes!

… and voila! This fellow came into the party a mere tike, ate up a bunch of goodies — now look at him!

Appalachian State … meets Texas.

Lady Bugs have their moments, too …

Amy Oakley?

The Dynamic Trio.

(I had to sneak into the darkened church to get something … couldn’t resist.)

Oh my!

Fr John … You ARE my father!

Word has it there’s a bug going around …

We made sure to have a doctor on hand.

I think these guys went trick-or-treating early on …

Some say peppers will cure what ails ya …

“It’s like this: Find an electric socket and, using these two fingers, you …”

“Yikes! Watch out for the Kung Fu Guy!”

“No fair! I wanted to be the Kung Fu Guy!”

Honest to goodness, these folks told me they were supposed to be Raggedy Ann & Andy — I thought it was Wendy & Waldo!

Very nice. (She won the contest in her age group … I mean, who’s gonna vote against Her?)

Miss E and Miss Susie …

My goodness! This is actually a Miss, too (I think).

Whooooooooo — whooooooooooooo!

“Who’s gonna deal with the pirate?”

“What pirate?”

“Stand back, ladies!”


“Arrrrrrrrrgh!” cries Venom, having been dealt a lethal blow by Indie.

“Humph … boys.”

And these …

ladies and gentlemen …

are …


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