Antiochian Bishops in Houston

On October 18th, following the Antiochian Synod of Bishops meeting (10/16) and the meeting of the Board of Trustees for the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese (10/17), Hierarchical Liturgy was served at St George Church; in addition to visiting priests and deacons, three hierarchs celebrated: Metropolitan PHILIP, Bishop ANTOUN, and Bishop ALEXANDER.

Listen to the Hierarchical Liturgy here.

Here’s some pics, thanks to Hatem Khalaf, taken during the service …

Metropolitan PHILIP, Bishop ANTOUN, and Bishop ALEXANDER bless the faithful with the dikirion and trikirion.

October is Youth Month; this youth is my favorite oldest daughter.

Bishop ANTOUN blesses the Epistle readers.

The Metropolitan delivers the homily.

The Great Entrance.

“Let us lift up our hearts!”

CHOIR: “We lift them up unto the Lord!”

The communion of the faithful (L to R: Fr Joseph Purpura, Fr Joseph Shahda, Bishop ALEXANDER, Fr Joseph Huneycutt).

Bishop ALEXANDER distributing the Holy Gifts.

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