Saved by the Big But of Mercy

I remember when my oldest was about four years old. It was after church one day, and the kids were running around the yard, climbing trees, and creating mayhem. I was talking with some parishioners when I happened to look off in the distance to see a boy, about the same age as my daughter, holding her down and, gasp, kissing her!

I walked out and called his name, yelling, “Hey! Get off of her!” Almost at the same time could be heard the voice of the boy’s dad, yelling, “That’s my boy! Heh heh, yep! That’s my boy!” For him, it was priceless; but for me, not so much.

It’s all in perception. And when perception is viewed through the favoring eyes of love, it looks a whole shade different. Love of my daughter led me to yell one thing; his hopes and love for his son caused an entirely different reaction.

Love definitely complicates things, but …

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

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