HISTORIC: Anglicans & Orthodox

St Tikhon of Moscow is loved and venerated by all American Orthodox — and, somewhat surprisingly, by the Anglicans of Nashotah House Theological Seminary in Wisconsin. Nashotah House awarded St Tikhon a D.Div (honoris causa) in 1905, and they venerate his icon in their chapel of St Mary the Virgin.

This year — to mark the 20th anniversary of St Tikhon’s glorification — Nashotah House is hosting an Anglican-Orthodox Conference on “Identity, Ministry and Mission in the 21st Century” from October 8-10, 2009. The conference is free and open to the public.

Conference Speakers

The OCA, AOCA, and St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary are well represented. His Beatitude, Metropolitan Jonah, Primate of the Orthodox Church in America, will anchor the Conference as the keynote speaker, and will close it by conducting an Akathist service for St Tikhon before the icon in the Nashotah House chapel. SVS Chancellor, Fr Chad Hatfield, will speak on St Tikhon’s vision and relationship with Nashotah House.

Other distinguished speakers include

* newly-consecrated Bishop Melchizedek of Pittsburgh (OCA);

* Fr Stephen Platt (Moscow Patriarchate) General-Secretary of the UK Fellowship of Ss Alban and Sergius;

* Fr Bill Olnhausen (AOCA);

* Fr Patrick Reardon (AOCA), Senior Editor of Touchstone;

* Rt Rev. Robert Duncan, Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America;

* Rt Rev. Keith Ackerman (retired Bishop of Quincy) President of Forward in Faith North America;

* Rt Rev. Edward Salmon (retired Bishop of South Carolina);

* Rev. Arnold Klukas, Associate Professor of Liturgics, (Nashotah House);

* Rt Rev. Frank Lyons, Bishop of Bolivia (Anglican); and

* Very Rev. Dr Robert Munday (Dean and President of Nashotah House).

Long tradition of Anglican-Orthodox Dialogue

Anglicans and Orthodox have been talking since the first missionaries met each other in California in the nineteenth century. More formal talks began in 1973, when the Anglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions held its first meeting in Oxford. Three formal statements have since emerged (Moscow Agreed Statement, 1976; Dublin Agreed Statement, 1984; and Cyprus Agreed Statement, 2008).

St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary has contributed to renewing this dialogue through its Fellowship Conference in June 2008, through participation in the Nashotah House Conference this year, and through the joint concordat that representatives from both seminaries will sign. The concordat records both seminaries’ commitment to preserving the historic record of the Anglican-Orthodox dialogue to date, and to continuing that dialogue on a theological level.

Conference Registration

The Conference is free and open to the public, but advance registration is required. Please contact Fr Steve Schlossberg, Director of Communications at Nashotah House: (262) 646-6506.

The Hilton Garden Inn, Oconomowoc (2 miles from the seminary), is offering a special $79 or $89 rate for a suite. Call (262)200-2222 and mention Nashotah House Conference when booking.


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