Ewnay Yearay at Bill’s Bible, Bait & Tackle

Did you ever try to find something even remotely Orthodox in your local superstore, gift shop, or bible book store? Chances are, you’ll find all manner of things purporting to be spiritual, religious, new-fangled and Christian — though nary even a wall calendar reflecting the Ancient Faith. Besides, what should you do when you do find one? Here’s a snippet of this week’s podcast

Hello! Welcome to Betsy’s Cards and Things! May I help you?

— Oh yes, thank you. I’m looking for a Church wall calendar …

Sure, sweetheart! Over here we have the Woman’s Oneness with the One calendar which offers helpful sayings from leading Christian women to help meet the challenges of our crazy world!

— No, actually, I was looking for something a little more traditional.

Well, we have our Be-Happy-Attitudes calendar – it’s very popular – I like to call it our Christian Fortune Cookie Calendar!

— No, uh …

See it offers happy sayings for each and every day of the week, and a funny Bible passage on every Friday – you know, TGIF!

— Actually, Friday’s a Fast day.

Oh, I know what you mean. I usually try to leave early every Friday if I can!

— No, I mean Church wall calendars usually have Fridays colored in pink.


Why didn’t you say so? Why, we have this wonderful Pink Pinky Calendar … complete with little strings attached to each month that you can tie around your pinky to …

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

PS – Thanks to my daughter Mary Catherine for Voice #1; my wife has not given me permission to thank Voice #2.

Image of all the saints for the year – Source

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