When God Ain’t Good Enough

Back when I was in seminary, during the good ol’ days at Nashotah House in Wisconsin, we had two athletic contests each year – football & softball – both against another Episcopal seminary, Seabury-Western, in Chicago.

(PIC: That’s me, white hat backwards, back row, 7th from left; Fr Joseph Kimmet is 3rd from left, same row.)

Nashotah House, known far and wide for liturgics, is not known for her athletics. Additionally, my first year at seminary we were vexed by the fact the previous year marked the 9th in a row that Nashotah had lost the annual flag football contest to Seabury.

Long story short: It was 9 degrees on that November Wisconsin afternoon back in 1989, and – we won!

One footnote: We were set to receive the ball … the kick was up, the race was on … I ran, all 250 pounds of me, down the field and made good contact with my oncoming opponent. SHE went flying through the air; the only thing more spectacular was the giant moan that burst forth from the opposing team’s bleachers. Seabury had FEMALES playing on their football team.

(No, this is not Adam blaming Eve — that’s not why they lost. They lost because they came face to face, hear me clearly, with the fierce Nashotah House Fighting Tiger Lilies!)

Call me heartless, but hey … football’s football!

Also , at the risk of scandalizing you, I shall not dwell on how we …

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

P.S. — Nashotah, WI, August 17, 2009 – An ecumenical conference between scholars of the Anglican and Eastern Orthodox traditions will be held at Nashotah House Theological Seminary on October 8-10, 2009. Speakers will include the His Beatitude, Metropolitan Jonah, Orthodox Metropolitan of All America and Canada, who is President of the St. Vladimir’s Board of Trustees, and the Very Rev. Chad Hatfield, an alumnus of Nashotah House who is now Chancellor of St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary. The Conference is free and open to the public but advance registration is required.

More info — HERE.

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