It’s Called the Tighten Up!

I‘m tying up some loose ends before hitting the road for summer travels …

First of all, it’s interesting to note that the video posted here is from 1980. 1980! And still seems funny and relevant. (Even sad, for those who’ve lived through it.)
Thanks to Jim for the FWD.

When I recently titled a post a “MEME” — that posting garnered the poorest showing of site visits in a while. My bad. Fr Stephen’s excellent podcast You Are Not a Bible Character has nothing to do with, is quite contrary to, MEMEs.

I updated the Orthodox Converts in Syria posting with the first names of the lay team and a quote from an AFR listener regarding missionizing the Missionaries. (Speaking of which, Fr James Early’s new book is out.)

Regarding those flies in the holy Chalice, a comment on that story (concerning bees) is worth notice.

That popular Russian TV show, Orthodox Encyclopedia, was in Houston (visiting St George, here) a while back … here’s Part Two. Stay tuned, toward the very end of Part Two, for the Johnny Deppish Fr Serge Veselinovich of Ss Constantine & Helen Serbian Orthodox Church, Galveston.

Finally, per this post’s title, if you’re in the doldrums … spin that ol’ tune from Houston native, Archie Bell. He and the Drells been doin’ The Tighten Up since 1967.

(But, he ain’t too big on Houston it seems: “He calls Houston bedrock. ‘There are too many Fred Flintstones that live here, people with one-track prehistoric minds,’ Bell said. ‘People here say “I listen to blues or rap music,” but nothing else. My music is played in the South but not in Houston.'” Source)

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