Holy Royal Martyrs of Russia, Pray for Us

The tragic martyrdom of Tsar Nicholas, his family, and all intimately related to him was the signal wave of an in-rushing tide of barbarous secularism that would sweep over Holy Russia in the years after Ekaterinburg. For a century before the royal murders, wise Russian souls forecast a flood of materialist humanism, with brutal cynicism, utilitarian philosophy, and utter disdain for life and the sacred. Satan’s hatred skillfully manipulated, distorted, lied, and deceived, unleashing a fury of bloodletting appalling to the heart. Pray that the Russian tragedy serves to warn this generation in Europe and America: the up-welling of secularism within our culture, societies, and governments announces, in dread and discordant voices, terrible consequences for the beautiful, good, humane, consecrated, and God-fearing. Satan is here. Men chose to murder the Tsar; and, today, men rush to crush holy foundations. They set the stage for horrors to follow.

Stolen from the daily posting of DYNAMIS … read it all HERE.

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