RECONCILIATION: Anglicans & Orthodox?

What would it take for this reconciliation to occur? The Metropolitan [JONAH] was explicit:

Full affirmation of the orthodox Faith of the Apostles and Church Fathers, the seven Ecumenical Councils, the Nicene Creed in its original form (without the filioque clause inserted at the Council of Toledo, 589 A.D.), all seven Sacraments and a rejection of ‘the heresies of the Reformation.”

His Beatitude listed these in a series of ‘isms’; Calvinism, anti-sacramentalism, iconoclasm and Gnosticism. The ordination of women to the Presbyterate and their consecration as Bishops has to end if intercommunion is to occur.

These are controversial words, especially given the make up of the Assembly, which is admittedly divided on key issues such as the ordination of women, the nature and number of the Sacraments and perhaps the essential character of the Church itself. Still, the delegates welcomed his candor with applause, perhaps because His Beatitude was self-evidently “speaking the truth with love.” Less controversially, he called for a true renunciation of sin and immorality, “We must eliminate any shred of immorality in our lives,” not least because sin “kills and maims the soul,” likewise immorality, which destroys the soul and “demoralizes our culture.” Coming from a faith tradition fully alive to the aggressive threat of militant Islam, the Metropolitan issued the following warning:; a culture demoralized by immorality “cannot stand up to the strict asceticism of Islam.”

He then spoke to the current blurring of gender identity. Homosexualism not only “destroys authentic masculinity, it destroys authentic womanhood.” Again, “gay ideology is neither from nurture or nature… we cannot accept their lifestyle or validate their unions.” These are not something healthy, but “something to be healed”. His Beatitude was equally emphatic on abortion, “Abortion not only rips out the soul of the fetus from the body of a woman, it rips out her own soul also… We must stand together in an absolute condemnation of abortion.” The Assembly rose in thunderous acclamation …

[His Beatitude was speaking yesterday, Wednesday – June 23rd, at the Anglican Church in North America Assembly.]

Full story – here.

Thanks to FWD from Fr Miguel Grave de Peralta.

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