BREAKING NEWS: Antiochian Bishop Smiles!

But first, a little back story …

These two young PKs were spotted recently at the Parish Life Conference in Wichita, Kansas. (Though the content is unknown, you can almost hear them singing in this pic.)

They’d obviously been drinking — but I have it on good authority that this pic was taken after their singing and not before.

These guys, the St George, Houston, Bible Bowlers studied very hard and put up a good fight — finishing in fourth place [1) St Elijah, OKC; 2) St George, Wichita; 3) St George, El Paso.] Next year!

When it became obvious to the large Houston cheering section that our team was not going to bring home the gold this year, one of those young ladies said, “Dad, since we’re not holding up the signs and yelling any more … can I go sit with my friend?”

Appreciating her 7 year old plight, without knowing who or where her friend was (but trusting her), I said, “Sure, sweetie.”

Here’s her friend …

Heh! Now, truth be known, her sidekick was to be found on the other knee and, at least according to the following picture, sometimes being a Bishop ain’t all bad:

Glory to God for all things!

Being a kid ain’t all bad either, right?


This final shot is what happens when the PK gets bored on the 10 hour drive home and uses mom’s camera to take 17 pictures of herself, without her sidekick (or even her brother, who was at Scout Camp, or her sister, who was asleep). Trust me, I have spared you the other sixteen pics — many of which resemble what dentists and doctors have to see daily.

Many thanks to St Mary, Wichita, for hosting such a wonderfully smooth Parish Life Conference, and to His Grace, Bishop BASIL, for being such a loving and approachable … friend.

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