The Good News & Toilet Paper

The Campus Ministry of St Thomas Indian Orthodox Church is an active bunch. I was blessed, last week, to be a speaker at their monthly meeting which was held at the church in their Campus Ministry “upper room”.

What a fun group!

After dividing up into 4 different groups, it was time to break the ice. The groups were instructed that the activity would resemble a popular Bridal Shower contest — except, instead of dresses, those chosen would be “decorated” to resemble biblical characters using only tape …

… and toilet paper.

Here’s Eve getting her hair done …

… and, of course, Mary Magdalene.

Oh, wait … uh, nevermind. (These guys are too young to remember George Clinton.)

Here’s Eve hastening off to find some food.

In an ironic story twist — at least as far as the premise of this book is concerned — the only available prop for a tree (the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil) was this cross.

Not all where dressed as women. Here’s the manly Samson (before being shorn by a woman) …

… and a fellow who was mourned by women.

But, honestly, when “Lazarus, arise!” was yelled by a booming voice, and this guy burst out of this get-up … I almost shouted!

It’s amazing what God can do with plain ol’ flesh … and we can imitate with toilet paper.

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