Bluebonnet Blunder

Last month I posted some pics of the family in a sea of bluebonnets (a Texas tradition). My oldest, at least when I reviewed the pics from the file, did not appear to have posed in the flowers.

I was wrong.

TEEN: Dad! When you posted the pics of our family and the bluebonnets, why didn’t you put my picture up?

DAD: Because you didn’t get down on the ground in the bluebonnets.

TEEN: Yes I did! (Teen then finds file, finds pic.)

DAD: Fine. I’ll put you up solo on my blog. (Thinking she would protest.)

TEEN: Good! You’d better!

DAD: What? Should I leave your phone number, too?

TEEN: (Who is responding to me but looking at her friend while talking) – No thanks, I don’t need any Creepers.

DAD: Creepers?

TEEN: (To friend) – He doesn’t live in this century.

DAD: Keep it up and you won’t live in this century.

Anyway … as you were.

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