Christ is SIMPLY Risen!

Christ is RISEN!

Or is it
CHRIST is Risen!

Or, maybe
Christ IS Risen!

Orthodox are a peculiar lot; where else would you find folks arguing over which syllable to stress in proclaiming the Lord’s Resurrection?

Christ is RISEN!

CHRIST is Risen!

Christ IS Risen!

Oh, no, it’s not heard so much in English – I mean, hey, most of us are new to this whole thing, we’ll take your word for it …

But, among Middle Easterners, if you say Al Masseh Qam! — you’ll hear anything from stuff like: Haqqan Qam … to Hock EN Qam … to Hock-n’am.

How they say it depends on which part of the Middle East they are from. (And which part of the Middle East they’re from may determine whether they’ll correct you or not.)

Then there’s that whole nuther accent which sorta sounds like Elvis is not home!

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

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